We are a cannabis growing company based in Switzerland.
Our background is Bio Fertilizer production, so we are concentrated on the best quality. Our production is based on spirituality, profound knowledge of growing process and new technology.
We are one of the first European companies who are using Vertical Sea of Green.
We love our work, we love cannabis, we love people who are buying our products.


our professional team is ready to make best products. Our flagship cultivation facility is among the most advanced in the world.


All of our products are produced with meticulous care to ensure the highest quality, consistency and purity for our Clients


We are committed to scientific research hat leads to an improved quality of our products after clones selection

Mission Statement

Cannabis for Good. Good for Switzerland and all European Union, creating opportunity for people and communities. Good for our employees and the artisans and craftsmen we discover and support. Good for the partners we work and win with. Good for enriching and enchasing our customer’s lives.
We believe everyone deserves the dignity of health and well being and are on a mission to provide safe, effective and therapeutic medical cannabis nationwide by operating world class cultivation facilities and customer-first retail experiences


Growing technology

The cannabis industry Is booming and isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon.
Indoor cultivation is becoming common practice as the industry continues to evolve.
With this, comes massive energy consumption and environmental implications. When compared to outdoor or greenhouse cultivation, indoor cannabis production requires an enormous amount of energy. A majority of this energy consumption comes from lighting and HVAC systems (38% and 51%, respectively). Growers can reduce their carbon footprint and save on operating costs by transitioning to more environmentally friendly growing methods.
PSC has designed one of the most energy efficient systems in the world of cannabis cultivation today: growing sea of green in mobile, vertical racks with direct current powered LEDs.
This system focuses on saving energy, space, time and money.
Ultimately, We are paving the way for a more sustainable future in cannabis production.
Vertical farming maximizes canopy area and yield per square foot. Vertical racks can be used for both the propagation and flower phases.
Furthermore, using vertical racking systems can increase canopy area by up to three to four times (depending on the number of levels are used).
Mobile racks also create one giant PAR map when they are pushed together. This will ensure even light distribution, leading to more consistent and high quality yields.
Though many factors contribute the the overall efficiency of a grow, Growing a large quantity of small plants will utilize vertical rack space most efficiently. Smaller sized plants require less water, space and time to grow.
Thus, making sea of green a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Products & Services

Flower Cultivation


PSC owns the facility of 5000 sq m and is able to produce up 1500kg of dried flowers every 2 month .



We can grow your clones or cultivate them from seeds to have stable quality results

Wholesale Cannabis Oil


We intend to start spirit extraction and CBD oil production in future.

Our location


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